...to the PamsPoppy website, a site devoted to the Pam's Poppy Pattern. Read all about why Pam Kirk (Pernickety Pam) developed the pattern, how she has so far raised over £17,000 for The Royal British Legion and featured in a BBC TV series called Paul Martins Handmade Revolution...

Pams latest project is the 1914 - 2014 Memorial Wreath, keep an eye on progress both here & on Facebook

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  • Pam's Poppy - Red - Traditional - Papaver Rhoeas Pam's Poppy - Pink / Lilac - Dorothy's Pam's Poppy - Blue - Himalayanh - Mecanopsis Pam's Poppy - Orange - Icelanic -  Papaver Nudicaule Pam's Poppy - Yellow - Icelanic -  Papaver Nudicaule Pam's Poppy - White - Royal Wedding -  Papaver Orientale Pam's Poppy Pattern

About Me

While watching television at the beginning of 2010, I was very saddened to see with such regularity soldiers bodies being returned from Afghanistan and also to see the terrible injuries others suffered and who were trying to rebuild their lives. It moved me to try and do something to help.

I have been a crafter for most of my life and for the past few years I have focused on ‘Beading’ and so in early 2010 I decided I would design a pattern to make a beaded Poppy Brooch to raise money for, The Royal British Legion. It took me several months to create the pattern, in particular getting the right colour’s and making it all work together; I am very pleased with the final result. I give 100% of my profits from sales of the Pattern and completed Brooches to the Royal British Legion.

With help from my friends at the Aire & Calder Bead Group, some have made complete brooches, others have made the petal or leaf components and others have helped me to sell them, to date we have made over 200 complete brooches and so far my project has given £17,000.00 to charity. Each brooch takes approximately 20 hours to make and is made from around 2,500 tiny glass beads. I can easily sell as many Poppy Brooches as we can make but, we are restricted by the amount of time involved in making each one, so numbers of completed brooches will always remain very limited. I am particularly indebted to Dorothy Masefied and Marjorie Silverwood for their tireless support in helping me make the brooches and for consumer testing the original pattern.

I have had fantastic support from: The Bead Merchant, www.beadmerchant.co.uk .Spellbound Beads www.spellboundbead.co.uk who both sell my pattern for me & have produced kits with the required beads. The Craft Kit Company www.thecraftkitcompany.co.uk who have provided me with free access to table space at their Harrogate Bead Fairs held in Harrogate in March & October, where I have a display and sell my Pattern. The Bead Workers Guild Journal and Bead Magazine who have both included in their publications articles about my project which has helped to raise awareness of my project and stimulate sales of the pattern, both here in the UK and internationally to USA & New Zealand. Debbie Westlake who is the Community Fundraiser – South and West Yorkshire The Royal British Legion, has fully supported all my fundraising efforts.

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Coming Soon...

Please keep an eye on my site for what's coming soon. We are currently working on a Gallery.




The addendum to the pattern that allows you to make the poppy's in the alternative colours can be downloaded below.

To buy the actual pattern, please use the information on the contact page.

Click the link below to download the addendum...

Download Alternative Colours Addendum


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Poppy Pattern


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The Pattern

To buy the pattern, please use the information on the contact page.

In view of the time it takes to make each brooch and as it’s designer I decided that I would make the pattern available for sale and encourage people to make their own, thus also encouraging the wonderful craft of ‘Bead Work’. In an attempt to give the pattern all year round appeal not just for ‘Poppy Season’ I decided to make different colour poppies, I took inspiration for these from the RHS Website and seed packets from a garden centre. The white version is based on a poppy called ‘Royal Wedding’ the Orange & Yellow ones are based on Icelandic Poppies and the Blue Poppy is based on the Himalayan Poppy. Although they are not botanically correct however I have tried to get all the colours as true to life as possible. Inspiration for them has come from many different places.

TRADITIONAL RED POPPY - Papaver Rhoeas The traditional red version is based on the wild poppies seen all over the countryside and the colour used for the Royal British Legion poppies for Remembrance Day.

ROYAL WEDDING WHITE POPPY - Papaver Orientale This is based on a poppy I saw on the RHS website called Royal Wedding.

ICELANDIC YELLOW & ORANGE POPPIES - Papaver Nudicaule These are both based on Icelandic Poppies from a seed packet I bought to plant in my garden.

HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPY This is based on Mecanopsis One of my favourites.

DOROTHY’S PINK/LILAC POPPY This is based on a poppy which appeared in my friend Dorothy’s neighbours garden, it had not been planted, as I don’t know if it has a name, I will refer to it as Dorothy’s Poppy.

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Hints & Tips

Lay out all the beads for the row you are about to work beforehand , this will help you to prevent losing your place.

Use a Post It or similar to help identify the row you are working on.

Use red beads when joining the 3 petals for the bottom layer, but use black for the top this will help you when joining the two layers together.

Unless your working tension is very tight, once you have completed your brooch place it upside down on an egg cup or similar allowing the leaf & petals to drape down, this provides a natural looking flower, then apply a couple of thin coats of clear nail lacquer or a paper craft product called ‘Glossy Accents’ to stiffen your flower.


Please contact me with any questions or for further information.



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In 2012 I applied to appear on a new TV Programme, a new BBC TV series called Paul Martins Handmade Revolution. I applied with my Poppy’s along with apparently 100’s of other people, from a wide selection of very varied crafts, very much to my surprise I made it as one of 50 finalists to the programme for filming at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Bromsgrove last. The first of the ten part series was broadcast on Monday 8th October on BBC2 at 3.45pm and the programme I featured in was on Wednesday 10th October at 3.40pm.” The overall experience was amazing and a privilege to be amongst such competent and very varied crafts persons. From each programme of 5 crafts persons the judges chose their favourite, the prize was for each of the judges favourites to have their work exhibited in the V&A in London! We weren’t told what the opportunity was until minutes before it was announced to us, you could tell from our faces how surprised we were.

Poppy Pam Needs You!


If you have already made one of my Poppy Brooches I am asking if you would kindly give me your time to make another one for this project. I will provide all the materials (which will be financed from securing commercial sponsorship) I am in the early stages of setting up a distribution/collection system, the more I can keep the costs down the more will be raised for the RBL. If you can help in any way - by making a brooch, or know who may be willing to be a sponsor please don’t hesitate to contact me via the methods below.

I thank you in anticipation


Recently it was suggested by Bead Work Guild member Janet Weeks that perhaps 'Pam's Poppy' could be used to make a wreath to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the start of the 1st World War, which will be marked by special remembrance services all over the UK. Pam has taken the idea forward and a 1914-2014 Memorial Wreath will be made from approximately 441 Pam's Poppy Brooches made from the Pam’s Poppy pattern. Why 441 beaded poppies? There will be one made for every member of the British Military personnel lost in the current Afghanistan conflict since 2001, thus linking the past with the present, this includes members of the Army, RAF, Royal Marines and Special Forces.

The wreath will take approximately 10,000 hours to make plus another XX hours to assemble the wreath; it will consist of approximately 1.25 million glass beads. Each brooch consists of 2500 individual beads.

Pam is delighted to take this project forward and to coordinate the making of brooches by volunteer members of the UK Bead Workers Guild, The British Bead Society of Great Britain and other Bead Group members throughout the UK who will be recruited to make the brooches, they will be provided with the required beads, they will give their time to make up a brooch, which will be returned to Pam for assembly into the large wreath.

There will be an accompanying project book, detailing the project with the name of every individual who makes a Poppy Brooch as well as all the sponsors. The project has the backing of The Royal British Legion, the UK Bead Workers Guild, The Bead Society of Great Britain as well as several supporting Bead retail establishments. The costs associated with the project will be found from commercial sponsorship, Pam is in the process of seeking out sponsorship for all aspects of the project to ensure as much money as possible can be raised for the RBL.

The Wreath will be exhibited for a 3-6 months period of time thereafter it will be broken down, a smaller wreath will be made for permanent display (if required) along with the project book with the remaining brooches sold/auctioned with all profit going to the Royal British Legion it is expected this will raise a minimum of £15,000.